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  • Identity and Packaging for Dixie Milk Nut Milks.
  • Dixie Milk is a New York City-based nut milk producer that wanted a straightforward, homegrown label designed for their line of 12 oz and 6 oz Almond, Pecan, Hazelnut, Pistachio and Brazilnut milks. The client came to us with a single logo, which you can see in the bottom three images; the idea here was to change the bottle top and print colors to reflect the type of nut milk. When it was discovered that custom-colored milk tops were financially inaccessible, we went a different direction and created labels in different but unified colorways that could be applied to both glass 12 oz and plastic 6 oz bottles. We also designed stickers to be applied to the top of the bottle cap to add another pop of color and promote additional brand exposure.